New Book Coming Soon!

Nah, still workin’ on the Goody Cole book, but it’ll be out sooner rather than later. The book I’m talking about is a history and memoir of Marelli’s Market in Hampton, New Hampshire, a Mom-and-Pop grocery famous in these parts for its candy and roasted nuts, which is getting ready to celebrate its 100th year in 2014. The book was written by sisters Karen Raynes and Marcia Hannon-Buber, granddaughters of Luigi and Celestina Marelli, the Italian immigrants who opened the store in 1914. That’s Grammy and Grandpa Marelli in the photos on the book cover below. It’s a great book full of family history and photos, original artwork by Karen, and wonderful stories of what it was like to grow up at Marelli’s.

I’ve had the privilege of putting the book together and designing the cover.  If all goes well (and of course it all will!), the book will go on sale in December.

Believe that you will succeed and you will.


2 thoughts on “New Book Coming Soon!

  1. Karen Raynes says:

    Cheryl: The cover looks great. You have used your many talents to make every detail special. I love that the Blue Petal Press graces the spine of the book. This whole project has been a learning experience for me. With your support I took steps that I did not know I was capable of. This is an accomplishment that honors the Marelli family and the town of Hampton. Lets have some fun with the book launch. Many thanks my friend. Karen Raynes

  2. Marcia says:

    Cheryl! How wonderful! The Blue Petal Press does it again – with YOUR help of course. You have got to be recognized as the best editor ever. With your steady encouragement and no-hassle attitude I think we have put together a noteworthy account of the huge history of Marelli’s Market. Karen and I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you from the bottom of our black hearts! We are looking forward to working with you again – and we are looking forward to YOUR next book on Goody Cole! It will be fascinating! Admirably yours, Marcia Hannon-Buber

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