Sweet & Spooky at Marelli’s Market

Just wanted to share some photos of the Sweet & Spooky book signing event, taken by Karen Raynes. The turnout was light, but we had a lot of fun! Karen Raynes and Marcia Buber of Marelli’s Market served cider, cookies, and Halloween treats. We listened to the recording of The Ballad of Goody Cole written by my husband Ken Mooney and performed by Danielle Miraglia of Boston, the kids got to color some Goody Cole pictures, and, besides Marcia Buber’s and my reading from The Mark of Goody Cole, Pumpkin Jack was the highlight of the day – when you see the photos you’ll understand why! Thanks also to Linda Gebhart for providing several plant and floral arrangements, they were beautiful. Thanks to everyone who participated and who bought a book!

S&S 25Oct2014
Marcia and I gave a special encore reading for Mike and Pat Serafino who were celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary that day.
Pumpkin Jack Nosepicker 25Oct2014
NO comment!
S&S2 25Oct2014
Sneaking a pre-event indulgence at the Goody Cole coloring pages table!
PJ 25Oct2014
Pumpkin Jack after a long but happy day!
Cheryl Pumpkin Jack 25Oct2014
Cheryl arrives at Marelli’s Market with her own personal fantasy character, Pumpkin Jack!
Pumpkin Jake 25Oct2014
This is Pumpkin Jack’s brother Jake. He has the personality of a cardboard box (literally!) and we assigned him the job of watching over the Goody Cole coloring pages table.
Marcia & PJ 25Oct2014
Marcia, wearing her Mark of Goody Cole witch hat, and PJ outside Marelli’s.
Cheryl and Marcia read 25Oct2014
Cheryl and Marcia reading from The Mark of Goody Cole.

Coloring Pages 25Oct2014 Pumpkin 25Oct2014 GOODY MARELLIS POSTER

5 thoughts on “Sweet & Spooky at Marelli’s Market

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  1. Cheryl: The reading from The Mark Of Goody Cole brought the ‘Spooky” to life. Two kids, who came to the event ,came in to the store today saying Marelli’s was their favorite place and they wanted to know when the next “spooky” day was going to happen. You are the most talented person I know. A true inspiration! It is fun to work on a project with such a person as you.Karen

  2. The kids’ comments are awesome! Marelli’s is giving a whole next generation of kids fond “candy store” memories. Glad to have been a part of that!

  3. Hey Cheryl! It was a fabulous hoot to have shared the spotlight with you,Pumpkin Jack and Karen (the best organizer and “treats supplier” I know!). Reading from your book entices ones spirit – what a great job you did compiling all of the great “happenings” in Hampton and the trials and tribulations of Hampton’s own – Goody Cole! I could tell that people were NOT falling asleep during the reading! Another fine performance by Hampton’s accomplished historian and writer, Cheryl Lassiter! Thank you for including me! It was great fun! XO, Marcia

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