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With broad historical interests, Cheryl has written on topics that collectively span the 17th through 21st centuries. She has produced museum exhibits and a documentary video, and has received awards from the Association of Historical Societies of New Hampshire and the New England Museum Association. For half a decade she authored History Matters, a monthly column of local history which appeared in the Hampton Union (Hampton, NH) newspaper and online at and

With fellow historian Karen Raynes, she produced 100 Years At the Beach: A History of the Queen of the Carnival and Miss Hampton Beach, 1915-2015, a documentary video depicting the glamorous tradition of young women vying for the title of Queen at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

Her museum exhibits include Founding Hampton: Early Town Documents, Gathering on the Green: The 90 Year History of the Tuck Museum, A Page Out of History: A Hampton Woman in the Needletrades, 1859-1869, and Marelli’s Market in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Her long-form written works include:

Hampton History Matters, a collection of new and previously published historical articles (2015-2017).

Hampton History Matters II, a collection of new and previously published historical articles (2017-2019).

The Queens of Hampton Beach: A History of the Carnival Queens and Miss Hampton Beach Beauty Pageants, 1915-2015 (with Karen Raynes). A fascinating year-by-year, winner-by-winner portrait, not just of these iconic summertime contests, but of Hampton Beach itself. (Blue Petal Press, 2017)

Marked: The Witchcraft Persecution of Goodwife Unise Cole 1656-1680. Puritan superstition confronts an indomitable will in this richly researched, ground-breaking biography of Unise Cole, the woman known as the Witch of Hampton. (Blue Petal Press, 2015)

A Meet and Suitable Person: Tavernkeeping in Old Hampton, New Hampshire, 1638-1783, which depicts the lives of the seventeen men and six women who kept the town’s public houses of entertainment during the colonial era. (Blue Petal Press, 2013)

In 2011 she published A Page Out of History: A Hampton Woman in the Needletrades, 1859-1869, a monograph based on the personal papers of Mary Anna Page Getchell (1832-1913). This is the story of an educated but ordinary 19th century woman who led an extraordinary life as a milliner, dressmaker, and businesswoman who successfully managed two shops 1,100 miles apart, through the turbulent years of the Civil War and beyond. She also wrote and produced a stage play based on the book.

Under her imprint Blue Petal Press, Cheryl published Answering the Call, Hampton Men in the American Civil War by Eleanor A. Becotte (2013) and Marelli’s Market, the First 100 Years in Hampton, New Hampshire, 1914-2014 by Karen Raynes and Marcia Hannon-Buber (2013).

In 2016 Cheryl helped judge the 8th Annual Little and Junior Miss Hampton Beach beauty pageant.

She is currently exploring the intensely challenging world of the graphic novelist. Her novel Dream On, about a kid and his magic guitar, is a work in progress.

About her personal life she says, “My life is my hobby. When I’m not drawing, researching, writing, reading, traveling, volunteering, or watching episodes of Absolutely Fabulous and The Walking Dead, I can usually be found perambulating the 16th century, where (I’m pretty sure) I once lost a gold pocketwatch. You haven’t seen it, have you?”