Hampton History Matters, the book!


Those who follow this blog know that for a number of years I’ve been writing History Matters, a column devoted to the history of Hampton and Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, which is published monthly in the Hampton Union newspaper and republished on my social media sites and lassitergang.com.

In 2017 I combined this collection of columns, plus extra photos and a few bonus articles, into a book titled (big surprise!) Hampton History Matters. The book is available on Amazon.com and at Marelli’s Market in Hampton, New Hampshire.













Heartfelt thanks to Karen Raynes, a former newspaper correspondent and Hampton Historical Society board member, for getting me into this newspaper gig, and to Betty Moore, Executive Director of the Tuck Museum of Hampton History, for generously allowing access to the museum’s archives and for reprint permissions.




2 thoughts on “Hampton History Matters, the book!

  1. Karen Raynes


    The front and back cover look great. What is inside I know from following your Hampton Union History Matters column will be a fine collection of tasty Hampton history tales. You are an inspiration and a gift to Hampton as writer and story teller. Many Thanks and keep being inspired. We all benefit from your talent. I am next going to Amazon.com to purchase my copy of Hampton History Matters.
    Karen Raynes

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