To Thanksgiving

As I reflect upon my blessings this Thanksgiving, please know that you – my readers – are at the top of my list, along with family and amazing friends, both old and new, near and far away. I enjoy hearing from you, to know your thoughts on my writing and the stories I’ve told. In the coming year I’ll continue to research and write those same kinds of stories, and hopefully the novel I’ve been working on for what seems like forever will finally see the light of day.

I’ll be spending my Thanksgiving reading Mayflower: A Story of Community, Courage, and War by Nathaniel Philbrick. I’ve read William Bradford’s amazing first-hand account, Of Plymouth Plantation, and am looking forward to deepening my understanding of those important early years in our country’s history.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Cheryl Lassiter



3 thoughts on “To Thanksgiving

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  1. Dearest Cheryl and Ken…Thanksgiving blessings to you both on this special day of reflections. Enjoy your day reading, knowing that our thoughts of thanksgiving include you both as dear friends with many happy memories! We love you guys…XO, Marcia

  2. Cheryl and Ken
    I always bless my lucky stars that I meet you both. So many life changing events happened with you as the catalyst of change and progress. Even at a distance your light shines in my life and I am most thankful for your continued friendship. Cheryl,I am on pins and needles in anticipation of your new novel . Ken, I am wondering if living out west has brought you to purchase a cowboy hat and boots.
    My love to you and Happy Thanksgiving from Frostbite Falls. Karen

    I am headed to the library to see if they have Nathaniel Philbricks book Mayflower! Thanks for suggestion.

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