‘Founding Hampton’ Exhibit

A few years ago I proposed to tell the story of Hampton’s founding, using eight of its surviving original documents. Sponsored by Hampton resident H. Alfred Casassa, Esq., the resulting exhibit was installed in the main hall of the Tuck Museum of Hampton History. Recently, however, the Hampton Historical Society has made a digital version available on its website, which you can access via this link: http://www.hamptonhistoricalsociety.org/founding_hampton/founding_hampton_exhibit.htm

3 thoughts on “‘Founding Hampton’ Exhibit

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  1. Cheryl, when I point out this exhibit, I always give you credit, Rich is in the process of making it even more visible by assigning a QR code to link it to the online version. Wow, the Tuck is getting so techie! Elly

  2. Hi Elly! Techie seems to be right up your alley! Enjoy your winter vacation. Til next spring, eh? 😎

  3. Such great graphics. It is so interesting to see the original documents and not just the transcriptions.

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