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The book in which this map appears, “A Meet and Suitable Person: Tavernkeeping in Old Hampton, NH, 1638-1783,” is available at Amazon.


5 thoughts on “Map of Historical Tavern Locations in Hampton

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  1. Cheryl

    The map is a wonderful example of a town that knows how to socialize.
    We seem to have kept up the tradition of fine watering holes in Hampton where comradeship and conversation are available.
    Route one is peppered with taverns and pubs.
    Sometimes it is difficult to choose where to lift a pint in praise of our bounty.
    Looking forward to the Tavern Walk this fall.


  2. Dear Cheryl; I ‘use’ that map to try to sell your book on tours. It is very useful to me.

    We are already prepping friends and family to go on the next Tavern Walk. I’ve got to settle down and see about getting a Victorian ensemble. I was especially looking at some old paintings with that in mind at the Boston MFA today.

    Later, Elly

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