I love living in a place where a body can call you up on the phone and say “I’d like to buy your book for my granddaughter’s birthday…how can I get it from you?” and a couple of hours later, there you are, hand-delivering the book to her home!

Jeannette is a life-long resident of Exeter and will be turning 90 this year, only you’d never know it from the clarity of her mind and the spring in her step. I found her in her driveway with one leg sticking out through the open car door – she was cleaning out her car and really getting into it. It was a honor to have her as a customer!

3 thoughts on “Small Towns Are the Best!

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  1. Cheryl…you have found another one of the many jewels from our lovely neck of the woods! She looks to be one of the prettiest and one to be coveted! Cheers to her and you! Marcia

  2. HUZZAH-  Yes, small towns are the greatest. So are small museums, libraries, churches and businesses “Where everybody knows your name” What a lovely lady.


  3. Cheryl

    When I am 90 years old I hope that I have the common sense, like Jeannette, to know a good book when it comes along. Yes connecting with each other comes easier in a small town than in a big city, less roadblocks and barriers.You both look fantastic in this picture!
    Karen Raynes

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